Thugs launch fireworks at emergency services as they battle to put out blaze

Thugs launch fireworks at emergency services as they battle to put out blaze

Bonfire night thugs were filmed hurling fireworks at firefighters on-duty as they attended a blaze in Manchester.

Footage filmed from inside a taxi show fireworks bombing the vehicle and fires burning in the street ahead.

Firefighters can be heard radioing for police assistance and warning the control room not to send any more crews to the scene, reports Manchester Evening News.

“Gulf171 under attack, we’re being attacked by fireworks. The hood is blocked and there’s several youths firing fireworks at the appliance. Request urgent attendance of the police. Unable to retreat at this moment,” he can be heard radioing in.

The footage has been released as figures show Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service received 701 calls and responded to 431 incidents between 5pm on Bonfire Night and 8am on Monday, November 8.

That’s up from 276 incidents last year.

On Bonfire Night firefighters were also attacked on Arundel Street in Oldham, while fireworks were also launched at crews on Atlantic Walk in Beswick.

No crew members were hurt in any of the attacks.

Other incidents included wheelie bin fires and unauthorised bonfires being held in parks or on public land.

Chief Fire Officer Dave Russel said: “Our firefighters did a brilliant job keeping the public safe during Bonfire celebrations this weekend. I’d like to thank all staff and emergency services involved for working hard over a busy weekend.

“Unfortunately, while attending some incidents, crews were met with physical or verbal abuse.

“I have heard personally from colleagues the shocking incidents that took place.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt, however I would like to remind the public that this behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Attacking emergency service workers is also a criminal offence.”

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said: “GMFRS, alongside Greater Manchester Police, North West Ambulance Service and North West Fire Control did a fantastic job keeping Greater Manchester communities safe, particularly during this busy period of the year.

“However, hearing that some crews and police were subject to attacks with fireworks is unacceptable. Our emergency workers work hard every day keeping the public safe and should not have to deal with abuse.”