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WONDROUS DETOX BATH With Epsom Salt That Improves Nerve And Muscle Function, Reduces Inflammation And Boost Your Blood Flow! DO IT TONIGHT!

What would you say if we told you that there is a hidden gem at your pharmacy at an affordable price that can have a very positive impact on your health and beauty?

At first, it sounds too good to be true, but this miracle really does exist. It is a bitter salt, also known as an Epsom salts. The first source of this salt was a saline sping in a small place in England.

Epsom salt was named after the English town of Epsom in Surrey, in which the chemical compound of Magnesium Sulfate from which the salt consists was first distilled from the water.

Its price is a real trifle, and the effects it has on your health and beauty will delight you.

Many cultures have used Epsom salt for centuries, thanks to the various benefits of its use, from body detox treatments, to household cleaning and gardening.

Epsom salt is a different type of salt because it is naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.

Both magnesium and sulfate can detox your entire body system and provide it with powerful health benefits.

The skin easily absorbs magnesium and sulfate and so they enter the bloodstream. As the human skin represents a porous membrane, by absorbing these salts it can remove the toxins from the body.

When you add Epsom salt to your bathwater, the salt causes a process called reverse osmosis, which removes salt and dangerous toxins from the human body, leaving free space for the magnesium and sulfate to enter your system.

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral for over 325 enzymes, which calms inflammation, enhances the function of muscles and nerves, improves the blood circulation and the oxygenation process throughout the whole body.

The body needs sulfates for a healthy skin, joints and nervous tissues. So, the magnesium sulfate compound removes toxins and helps the formation of crucial protein molecules in tissue of the brain and the joints.

A regular use of Epsom salt baths aids when one suffers from muscle ache, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, sprains, bruises, and gout.

This salt can be also used for treating chronic diseases and pain, calm inflammation, and to regulate the magnesium and sulfur balance in the body.

Before using Epsom salt, cardiovascular disease patients, pregnant women, and people with open wounds or burns on the body, or dehydrated individuals need to consult a natural health physician.

Here Is How You Can Prepare An Epsom Salt Bath:

You need to make a schedule of forty minutes, as your body needs twenty minutes to eliminate the toxins, and twenty more to absorb the minerals in the bath water. Fill up a bathtub with warm water, and add Epsom salts in the following amounts:

• For kids under 60 pounds: Add half a cup of Epsom salt to a standard size bathtub
• People between 60-100 pounds: Add one cup of Epsom salt to a standard size bathtub
• people between 100-150 pounds: Add one-and-a-half cup of Epsom salt to a standard size bathtub
• people between 150-200 pounds: Add two cups of Epsom salt to a standard size bathtub

For every additional 50 pounds, you need to add half a cup of Epsom salt more.

Additional tips:

To boost the antioxidants benefits of the Epsom salt bath, add half a cup of olive oil, which contains polyphenols and is good for your skin. You can also add a bit of cayenne powder or ginger to increase the heat level and sweat out even more toxins.Avoid using soap as it may interfere with the detox process and the function of the minerals.

Then, rest for one or two hours. If you suffer from arthritic joints, be sure you remain active as much as possible to protect your joints from congestion.

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