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If You Have An UNDERACTIVE THYROID You Too Can Lose Weight! Several AMAZING TIPS How To Do It!

The thyroid is a gland located in the throat with the shape of a butterfly. This gland secretes hormones which regulate many functions of the body, including your metabolism.In case when the thyroid gland becomes underactive, a health condition called hypothyroidism, and produces fewer hormones than normal, it affects your metabolism rate so the body burns fewer calories.

This process leads to excessive weight gain.

Unknown weight gain, without physical activity or significant changes in the daily diet, is one of the most common symptoms of underactive thyroid condition.A study published in 2008 explains how the overall dysfunction of the thyroid is more frequent in obese people with changing rate of significance.However, additional research studies are required in order to find out the exact causality between obesity and hypothyroidism.

Together with excess weight gain, other frequent symptoms in persons with an underactive thyroid are muscle soreness, dry skin, constant fatigue, brittle hair, poor appetite, frequent tiredness, menstrual problems, constipation, high cholesterol levels, poor concentration, indigestion, increased sensitivity to cold and poor memory.

It may be difficult to achieve your weight loss goal when your metabolism is slowed down, but there are things you can do.First of all, the most important thing for you is to treat your thyroid condition with hormone replacement and make significant changes in your daily lifestyle.

We present you some effective ways for weight loss when you have an underactive thyroid:

#1: Take Thyroid Medication

If you suffer from hypothyroidism, it is important to take thyroid medication as directed by your medical doctor.The medications will maintain your thyroid hormones at normal levels. Once your thyroid levels are controlled, this will automatically aid in your weight loss process.

Without keeping the thyroid levels up, losing weight is not only hard but it also may be an impossible task for lots of people.Thyroid medicine should be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with lots of water. After taking the thyroid medicine, do not eat or drink anything for one hour.Also, be sure to not take any other medications for at least half an hour after taking the thyroid medication.

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