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SHOCKINGLY, Prescription Drug Tramadol Is Claiming More Human Lives Than Any Other Medication! STOP USING THIS DRUG THIS MINUTE!!!

The well-known, and sadly, very often used, painkiller medication named tramadol is the daily solution for soothing aches for thousands of unfortunate people nowadays.

These people so far did not found any other remedy for their pain, so they turned to this drug. However, the use of tramadol does not come without a heavy cost.

Namely, a leading pathologist from Northern Ireland has stated that tramadol is claiming more human lives than any other medication.

When taken correctly, tramadol does not cause any harm, but the risk gets higher when people use tramadol together with alcohol or other medications.

Back in 2015, there were 33 death cases in Northern Ireland which have been associated to the use of tramadol. Shockingly, among these cases were also a 16-year-old female teenager and a senior person in his 70s.

Apparently, nowadays tramadol is the reason for more deaths in Northern Ireland than even heroin or cocaine!

This is truly shocking! Can you believe that there are actually drugs which are potentially lethal when improperly used, and people accept to use them so frivolously?! What is your opinion on this matter? Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments section.

In the United Kingdom, the situation is even worse. There are thousands of British citizens using tramadol every day. According to latest reports, tramadol has taken more than 200 lives in the UK.

Diazepam is also another harmful drug, which like tramadol, has also been the cause of death for more than 200 lives.

British medical practitioners fear both these drugs as they are both obtained legally by patients via prescription, whereas becoming often more accessible on the black market.

What’s even more frightening is the fact people perceive them that they are safer, because they are not illegal drugs. Both tramadol and diazepam are more dangerous when mixed other drugs or alcohol.

The Northern Ireland state pathologist, professor Jack Crane, is afraid that people are not actually aware just how potentially harmful tramadol is.

Since tramadol is a prescription medication, patients assume that it is completely safe. Crane even states his fears openly that even more and more people will die unless the official institutions take urgent action.

He calls for a crackdown on the illegal medication market.

Tramadol is an opiate-based drug which is used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain needs to be made only available on prescription.

Back in 2014, this harmful drug was reclassified as an illegal Class C drug without the need of prescription.
Still, like many other medications, tramadol is often abused while there is also a growing black drug market.

Campaigners that stand against drugs claim that there are an increasing number of people who are turning to the black market in order to get tramadol without prescription. Now is the time for tramadol to be upgraded again, but this time to Class A.

Were you aware of the potential harmful effects of tramadol? Be sure to share this article with all your close ones that may be using tramadol as a painkiller. Their lives may be endangered.

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