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Press These 10 ACUPRESSURE POINTS To Get Rid Of That Terrible And Annoying Headache And Migraine!

There is nothing more annoying and stressful than having a terrible headache or migraine in the morning. Such pains result in problems with thinking, concentrating working, or simply resting.Regardless if it’s a headache or a migraine attack, there isn’t a person who doesn’t wish they would all go away in an instant.

Most of us quickly reach for the usual medications for pain relief, but these pills can cause adverse effects in many cases.Whenever you are the victim of an intense headache or dealing with a painful migraine attack, acupressure is something that you can really have benefits of.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine which has been used for millennia.There are a lot of acupressure points on the human body, and when you stimulate them, you can eliminate your headache. Actually, doing acupressure is the same as doing acupuncture, but with no needles.

Not all of these points need to be used to ease your headache. Simply pressing only one or two of these can relieve you from your pain.The best of it all is that you can use acupressure in your own home by yourself or turn to an expert.

The following 10 acupressure points are the crucial when it comes to solving a headache and migraine.

1. L 14

l 14

Pressing this acupressure point is effective for solving a headache, but you can use it to eliminate a toothache, pain in the shoulders and the neck, constipation, hangovers and arthritis.You can locate this acupressure point in the fleshy area between your thumb and the index finger.

Using your right thumb and index finger, press this point deep and firmly for 5 to 10 seconds. Do the same with your other hand. Repeat the procedure until your pain disappears.It is important to relax and breathe deeply while you’re practicing acupressure.

Important note: Pregnant women should avoid pressing this point during their pregnancy, because its stimulation can lead to premature contractions in their uterus.

2. GV 24.5

third eye point

To eliminate your headache, you can also use the acupressure point called GV 24.5.Pressing this point will balance your pituitary gland and you can even use it for treating indigestion, hay fever, insomnia, ulcer pain, tiredness, fatigue, and eye strain.This acupressure point is good to improve your emotional and spiritual imbalances as well.

You can locate the GV 24.5 point between your eyebrows, near the spot where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead.To locate this point you need to close your eyes. Press this point firm, but still gently using your thumb on for one minute, and then release. Repeat as much as you need.

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