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Does Being Positive Equals Being Happy All The Time?! Finding Bright Perspective Of Your Life WITHOUT FAKING HAPPINESS!

In modern society’s culture, people are faced with lots of peer pressure to appear incredibly happy and positive.

It’s important for you to find the purpose and authenticity to emanate those positive vibrations.

So, do not feel agitated if you live through a day when you feel less than adequate, you are not the only one nor alone.

By knowing how to deal with the following common pitfalls you can find a better mindset for yourself.

1. Expectation you will never have a day full of challenges which gets the best of you

The truth is that no person in this world is positive all the time. The main point is for you to be aware, mindful, and prone to learn every lesson that life brings us with each new day.

The real masters of positivity are in constant search to discover the harmony in all things, even in those that appear to be kicking them in their teeth.

The positive way to evaluate these not-so-positive moments is to realize it’s just one day in your life.

Being able to hit the reset button and make a fresh start with each morning will make you capable of encountering happiness and contentment more often. Having the delusion that positivity equals continual happiness.

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The point is not whether one sees the glass as half full or half empty. It is in the knowing that the glass can be refilled.

Your life is not a measuring cup, but an ever-developing entity. So when you expect that you need to be in a certain mood or mindset, such expectations can do you no good, but simply paralyze you.

Once you become flexible you learn to be easy on yourself when needed. An approach like this builds pathways for you to discover new things about yourself every day.

2. Feeling under stress by the pressure you should be positive

Stress and Pressure Women

The point is to start with several small affirmative goals and let yourself the time and space to build your ability to be positive in phases.

A person doesn’t get those tough muscles without a steadfast workout, and enhancing the mind is not a different task either. Every person has a lifelong task to reprogram himself to work on.

Give yourself space and patience during the process of reprograming your brain, reactions, and automatic thoughts.

3. Comparing ourselves to others

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Comparing ourselves to other people is probably the fastest ways to get our mood and self-confidence shrink in no time.

This mental action is simply a deception because in most cases you do not know the real-life situation of the people you’re comparing or what they are facing in their own daily lives.

If you notice that there is a lack of positivity in your life, maybe this is a sign that you should realign your motivation and think over what your most genuine hopes and dreams are.

The best and most effective way to do this is to switch your focus away from others to an area where you can make a change and progress for certain – yourself.

4. When you feel as if your positivity is not genuine…

give your self time

Do you feel like your pursuit of happiness leaves you with a doubt that you’re a fraud? Throw away the unnecessary mask of expectation about what kind of a person you want or feel you should be.

If it’s not genuine, it simply robs you of energy. So, you need to do some fine-tuning of the map to your goals by eliminating thoughts that do not seem authentic to you.

People should take time to reflect on what motivates their pursuit for positivity which will get them back on track.

Developing the awareness of all the potential pitfalls should enable them to make corrections in the direction they move before they fall and allow such strides to become stronger and longer.

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