We decided to give full support to all our readers who are set on a mission to build the body of their dreams.

For this reason, we offer you this effective mini workout plan for males and females that will not only help you with weight-loss but also to increase your muscle mass.

What’s the best about it all is the fact that you can realize this workout plan in the commodity of your own home so you do not need to use any special, expensive equipment nor visit the gym.

Be sure to drink a lot of fluids and find the right time of the day to work out on a regular basis.

If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise from 45 minutes to a full hour every day.

If you’re on a beginner’s level, it’s best that you start your workout with a 50-minute period, and gradually work your way up to 200 minutes.

Together with this workout plan it is also very important that you make some changes in the way you eat and practice a healthy diet to get rid of bloating and remain in a healthy condition.

Bellow we present you a 10-week workout plan that you need to realize in order to develop a perfect shape of your body:


Start your weekly workout with twenty squats; a 15-second plank; 5 pushups; 25-second wall-sit; 35 jumping jacks; 15 lunges; 25 crunches; 10 butt-kicks and finally ten sit-ups.


Every Tuesday you need to do 10 squats, ten jumping jacks, twenty crunches, 10 pushups, 25 lunges; 35 sit-ups; 45-second wall-sit; a 30-second plank, and in the end, twenty butt-kicks.


On Wednesdays your workout involves: fifteen squats, 30 sit-ups; 30 crunches; a 35-second wall-sit; 50 jumping jacks; 25 butt-kicks; 25 lunges; a 40-second plank; and 10 pushups.


Your Thursdays will feature the following exercises: 35 squats, 20 crunches, 15 lunges; a thirty-second plank; 50 sit-ups; a one-minute wall-sit; 35 butt-kicks; 25 jumping jacks; and 20 pushups.


On your final workout day you should do the following: 25 squats, forty sit-ups, a one-minute plank, 30 pushups, thirty crunches, sixty lunges, 55 jumping jacks, a 45-second wall-sit and finally fifty butt-kicks.

Give yourself the time for your body to rest during the weekends.

Here is how your cardio workout should be planned for ten weeks:

1st week: Make five repetitions of a half-a-minute sprint and half-a-minute jog;
2nd week: This week do sic repetitions of a 35-second sprint and 45-second jog;
3rd week: During the third week make seven repetitions of a 45-second sprint and 60-second jog;
4th week: On your fourth week you should make eight repetitions of a 50-second sprint and a 45-second jog;
5th week: You’re on a good way now, so this week you should make seven repetitions of 55-second sprint and 30-second jog;
6th week: Continue with your cardio workout by making six repetitions of a one-minute sprint and 45-second jog;
7th week: During your seventh week you should do five repetitions of a 65-second sprint and one-minute jog;
8th week: On the eight week make six sessions of a 70-second sprint together with 45-second jog;
9th week: In the ninth week of your cardio workout you should do seven repetitions of 75-second sprint and 30-second jog;
10th week: Finally, during the final week of your workout go for eight sessions involving 80-second sprint and 45-second jog.

Great job done! 🙂

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