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Familiarize Yourself With The KETO DIET! What Does It Provide And SHOULD YOU Make It Your Choice?

The bigger version of the paleolithic diet has helped top athletes like NBA player LeBron James to reduce their daily fat intake. But is the ketogenic diet right for the rest of people?

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There is a lot of buzz recently about the ketogenic diet, which has received a lot of praise from top athletes since it is low in carbs and high in good fats, providing a lot of energy as well.

The idea is that by eating high-fat, fewer carbs, and moderate protein, your body goes into ketosis – a metabolic state in which ketone bodies become the main source of fuel instead of glucose.

The main question is how does that interpret into your daily diet? When you plan your meal, you are aiming to get 70 to 75% of your calories from fat, 5 to 10% from carbs and 20 to 25% from protein.

You are mostly allowed to eat whole, unprocessed foods which are high in protein and fat, together with a few complex carbohydrates.

High-carb foods are completely cut out, though, so you need to say farewell to potatoes, grains, syrups, beans, pastries, fruit, and even milk.

Basically, if it tastes sweet you need to say goodbye to it. Why? Supporters of the ketogenic diet refer to studies that have shown that endurance athletes who eat high-fat and low-carb burn more fat during their performances than their peers that stick to high-carb diets.

This all seems pretty cool, right? However, before you decide to try the keto diet, here are a few more important things about keto diet you need to know.


The keto diet was not originally intended to help people lose weight.

Although this type of diet is being used to make athletes have better performance and for weight loss, it wasn’t initially meant for any of that.

Instead, it was created in the beginning of the 20th century to help epileptic children control their seizures.

Before the ketogenic diet was introduced most patients with epilepsy were advised to fast, but this method proved to be difficult for many.

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It was found when people eat high-fat and low-carb foods, it produced the same metabolic changes as when fasting, such as increased liver production of three ketone bodies: acetone, acetoacetate, and β-hydroxybutyrate.

It is still unclear to experts why the ketogenic diet helps with this, but for now, it works quite well.

The popularity of ketogenic diet is surpassing other types of diets.

It does require a low percentage of carbohydrates intake, but it makes up for it by allowing persons to consume higher fat content and adequate protein.

In fact, the keto diet is becoming increasingly popular with people who are both overweight and active.

Keto-Food Pyramid Ketogenic Diet

Like many diets, though, some people who do not follow it the right way might be discouraged when they don’t get immediate results.

Common errors include not reducing the carbs in take low enough, consuming too much protein, not keeping the diet long enough, and inappropriate introduce of carbs regularly through weekly re-feeds.

Keto diet also helps you blast fat like a charm. By avoiding carbs and consuming minimal amount of protein per day, you effectively lower the blood sugar and insulin levels, thus helping you lose weight.

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Unlike carbohydrates and proteins, which have four calories per gram, fats contain nine calories per gram, giving your body more energy per gram overall, thus making it easier to control the hunger pains and feel motivated to exercise.

A carb-heavy diet, on the other hand, raises the levels of blood glucose and signals the insulin secretion, which can lead to fat storage in your body and make you feel more sluggish.

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