Cancer Patient Was GIVEN 18 MONTHS Got Cured By Cannabis Oil And His TREMENDOUS COURAGE!!! ANOTHER VICTORY Over Cancer!

British doctors initially believed that David Hibbitt, a 33-year-old father from the United Kingdom, will have only a year-and-a-half more to live before this brave man found the cure that saved his life and enabled him to enjoy a happy life with his new bride.

The doctors told David that he suffers from hemorrhoids which later turned out to be a third stage of colon cancer.

The diagnosis had been established 2012 and then David went through a series of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and while in March 2013, he had his large bowel surgically removed, but without a positive outcome.

Doctors told him in 2013 just before Christmas, that the cancer has been cured, but just a month later David had found a lump. It turned out that it is a cancer of the lymph glands in the groin.

This time they told him that they could not do much for him. They estimated that he has only 18 months left to live. David wanted and decided to live. He decided on his own to take cannabis oil in order to cure his cancer.

After much research David decided to try cannabis oil. He went through chemotherapy and he was coming to the point where there wasn’t much he could do. David had no energy.

In August he decided to stop with chemotherapy. It felt like it was killing him so he had nothing to lose. David could not accept that he will die.

Since then, he took only cannabis oil for which he paid 50 pounds per gram to a local dealer and used it for about a month.

“It hits you quite a bit, but not nearly as bad as chemotherapy. The pain is almost gone and it seems that the oil did its thing. I want people to become aware that there are other options – said David then.

In January 2015, the tests showed that the cancer had completely withdrawn. The father of six-year son then said:
– I feel great and I hope that my story will help other people as well.

When David discovered that his cancer has been cured, he married Heather (26) the girl with whom he was in a relationship for about six years.

The British Institute for Cancer Prevention stated that he was aware that patients use cannabis as medicine, but that still there is no evidence for its efficacy and safety.

David Hibbitt is also the founder of the foundation to support patients called David Hibbitt Foundation.

David wants to help all who are in the same and similar situation with his advice, guidance, suggestions and support. However, he is being realistic and does not want people to think that cannabis is a magical cure, but that it is just one and by now the most effective natural and safe cure besides other alternative medicines for cancer.

The Foundation will have a support group in which it is totally free to join and it will be a place where people can receive advice and to talk to each other about their experiences. The point is to give people a little more hope.

What do you think of this case? Do you think cannabis oil should be made completely legal for widespread use as a cure for cancer?

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