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7 Effective Ways To REMOVE NEGATIVITY From Yourself And Start Living Your Life With JOY AND VIGOR!

Many people feel down. Negative every now and then, it is quite understandable and usual with the messy modern way of living that we humans have.

We understand how these people feel and offer our support to them. So, here are 7 ways to reset yourself and start a more positive chapter in your life.

We know life is not actually like those gleaming pictures we daily see on the social media. People only post the most perfect versions of themselves—and things very often get much messier than that.

It is perfectly normal to be under stress and feel sad sometimes. However, once people notice that this happens more often, it may be right time for them to push the reset button.

The following 7 easy tips can teach you how to make a change next time you are in a negative mood.

1. Change the bedtime routine

Girl sleeping

There is nothing more valuable for the human body as getting enough sleep. Quality sleep is crucial for the brain.

Neuroscience explains that sleep benefits the brain allowing it to transform the things we learned during the day into memories.

So if one doesn’t give the brain enough time to completely deal with the information and daily actions, how can one make proper choices, or even call up the needed information? Studies have proven that people who only have a minimal amount of sleep manifest a decrease in their cognitive and overall performance.

2. Sweat the negativity out!


Many studies have found that exercise does a significant enhancing effect on your mood. So you know it is an excellent idea to exercise every time you are feeling down.

Yoga, for example, can help focus your consciousness and boosts the detox functions of your body.

Yoga itself doesn’t necessarily eliminate toxins from the blood directly, but like any exercise, it increases the cardiovascular activity, thus increasing the blood circulation throughout the whole body.

This not only contributes to the detox of the liver, but it also increases the blood flow into the brain, which improves the mood and enhances your mood regulation.

yoga meditation

Since yoga also includes meditation, which research studies have proven it can make changes in the human brain—if you are not in the mood, a few visits to the yoga class could enable you to solve your problem.

Also, meditation can quite empower your workout. The human body and the mind are closely connected, which is why when you move through various activities such as exercise, major physiological as well as psychological changes occur.

3. Drink water during the entire day!

drinking water

According to the findings in a recent study, even a mild form of dehydration can change your energy, mood, and the ability to resonate clearly.

Now, the question is what exactly is a “mild” form of dehydration? The authors of this study define mild dehydration as an approximate 1.5 % loss of normal water volume in the human body.

But since we cannot exactly measure this while living out the day, it is important to make sure you drink fluids throughout the whole day and do not wait until you are actually thirsty.

The sad truth is that when you’re feeling thirsty it means that your body is already dehydrated.

water lemon

In order to start on the right track, we suggest you begin the day with a glass of warm lemon water, as the warm water initiates the digestive tract while the lemon juice benefits your liver function in flushing out the toxins from your body.

Make it your goal to drink at least half of the body weight in pounds to ounces during the day.

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