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7 BEST Super Foods To Turn Your Weight Loss Process IN HYPER MODE! THESE WILL FRY YOUR FAT!



Researches from California made an experiment with two groups of participants, and each of the groups were fed a nearly identical low-cal diet for 4 months.

The single difference between these two groups was their afternoon snack.

One group was given to eat 220-calories of pretzels while the other ate a 240-calories worth of pistachios.

After just one month into the study, the pistachio-eating group had reduced their body mass index by a point.

While their counterparts stayed at the same level, and their triglyceride and cholesterol levels also showed improvements.

#4: Avocado Oil


Would you believe if we told you that you could get rid of 20% of your belly during this year, just gone? A group of researchers compared two groups of subjects.

One of the groups consisted of people who ate avocado oil while the other consumed a blend of flaxseed and safflower oil.

The first group who took just three tablespoons of avocado oil per day were able to lose nearly 2% of belly fat in just a single month!

#5: Legumes


It is time to focus on your lentil health.

A four-week study from Spain has found that eating a low-calorie diet including four servings of legumes per week helps the weight loss more effectively than an equivalent diet without beans.

The participants who were on a legume-rich diet also had improvements in their systolic blood-pressure and LDL cholesterol levels.

To have the benefits at home, be sure to add beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas into your weekly diet.

#6: Vitamin D-Fortified Yogurt

How would you feel if you could take all the amazing aforementioned weight-loss results—and double their effect?

A study showed that this is exactly what happens when you enrich your daily diet with a combination of calcium and vitamin D.

The subjects into a 4-month experiment who had taken these two nutrients lost twice as much fat than the other group. Some yogurts are quite rich with calcium and vitamin D. Be sure to add them in your diet.


#7: Grapefruit


Same as a marathoner who stretches before the long run, having a half of grapefruit before your meal can enhance the fat-burning performance of your body.

A research study found that such a “warm-up” tactic can help reduce an inch of your waistline in just month and a half!

The researches attribute these powerful effects to the fat-burning phytochemicals found in grapefruits.

Grapefruit can have a negative interaction with certain medications, so consult your doctor in case you’re taking some medications.

As long as you get the green-light, be sure to eat half of a grapefruit before breakfast and add a few segments to your starter salads to enjoy the full benefits.

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