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3 HEALTHY PANCAKE RECIPES That Are Proven To Make You Want For More…Your Tongue Is ANXIOUS To Meet Them!

Chunky Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Chunky Greek Yogurt Pancakes

When you are desperately craving for a pint of your favorite ice cream, why not busting out your blender instead? You can use this amazing kitchen tool to whip up these smashing pancakes with a minimal clean-up of your kitchen.

Also, you will take in 20g of protein in a single serving which is guaranteed to keep you full and satisfied until lunch. Finally, we mustn’t forget to mention that a creamy banana nut sauce serves you up with a dose of healthy fats and potassium.


For the pancakes:
• Quarter cup of plain Greek yogurt
• Half a cup of rolled oats
• Half a teaspoon baking powder
• Half a medium, ripe banana, mashed
• Two large egg whites
• 1-2 tbsps. unsweetened almond milk
• Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

For the banana nut sauce:
• A tbsp. of nut butter
• The other half of the banana
• Splash of almond milk


1. Preheat a skillet over medium heat and coat it with oil or cooking spray. You need to make sure that the skillet is very hot before you start making the pancakes.

2. Put the ingredients for the pancakes into a blender in the order listed above and blend them until the oats are fully broken down and the batter is frothy and smooth. Fold in the chocolate chips and allow the batter to sit for several minutes so that it gets thick.

3. Then pour the batter straight from the blender onto the skillet until you reach the desired size of pancakes and bake the pancakes until their edges are set and bubbles begin to form on top them. This should take about three minutes. With the help of a spatula, flip and cook the pancakes for another two minutes. Repeat the procedure until you use all the batter, making sure to coat your skillet again between each batch.

4. Prepare the sauce by mashing half a banana in a small bowl before you add a spoonful of nut butter. Mix them until you get a smooth mixture, while also adding a splash of almond milk to reach the desired consistency. Pour the sauce over the pancakes and sprinkle them with more chocolate chips, if you like.

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