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17 Key Indications Of MOLD DISEASE! Find Out IF YOU’RE AT RISK Of Contracting This Dangerous Condition!

Mold is a frequent problem for many households, and if there is mold in your home, this could be the culprit of a number of health problems you have or may have in the future.

For this reason, you should learn more about the symptoms of this disease, figure out if you too are a person who is most liable to it, and effectively treat the condition and prevent any adverse effects.

Still, conventional medical doctors do not see this as a problem, which is why they do not offer any proper treatment. In addition, the symptoms of mold disease are similar to the ones of other diseases, because they are nonspecific, and for this reason they are often ascribed to other health problems.

Still, the most frequent symptoms that indicate a mold disease are the following:

Overall weakness, post-exercise discomfort and fatigue, Headaches, Memory issues, focusing problems, brain fog, executive function issues, Red eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, Sinusitis, cough, air hunger, asthma-like symptoms, shortness of breath, Tremors, Static “shocks”, Vertigo, Weight gain in spite of sufficient effort, Continual nerve pain, muscle cramps, ache in the joints, “ice pick” pain, pains not caused by inflammatory arthritis, Continuous nerve pain, Tingling and sensations, Abdominal pain, appetite changes, diarrhea, nausea, Excessive thirst, Temperature regulation problems or night sweating, Increased urination, Metallic taste in the mouth

Speaking of the aforementioned symptoms, you can clearly see why they are commonly mixed up with symptoms that are most common to other health issues.

However, for more than thirty years scientists have studied the terrible influence of mold, and they found that mold is in fact, a mix of many types of fungi which grow in threads and reproduce by making very small spores that grow and fly away, so they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Mold prospers in humid, damp, and warm places. Therefore, it can also be present, for example, in states like Arizona and Nevada, in poor ventilated places, or areas liable to water leakages or floods.

Hence, you can often find mold in your bathroom, on the showerhead, in poorly ventilated areas, and it can also attach to the furniture, carpets, shoes, books, papers and pets.

It can also be present in the ventilation system, so we recommend you change the HVAC filters in the home on every three months.

Buildings damaged by water enable the formation of a complex mix of contaminants present in dust and the air, which together form a toxic chemical combination.

Mold also produces mycotoxins, toxic compounds which stay on spores and fragments of mold released into the air.

However, be aware that the mold disease does not occur because of a single toxin, but most commonly, it is present in areas or buildings damaged by water.

Sadly, half of the buildings people live in are damaged by water, which causes mold and mold diseases to the persons which are more liable to it. Knowing that most people spend most of their time inside buildings, we all need to learn how to decrease this influence as much as possible.

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