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11 Very Good Reasons Why You Should AVOID A FLU VACCINE This Year! DO NOT Endanger Your Health Anymore!

#5: There Is A Lack Of Real Proof That Flu Vaccines Help Young Children

51 research studies featuring 260, 000 children at the age 6 to 23 months gave no evidence whatsoever that these flu vaccines produce more health benefits than a simple placebo effect.

Moreover, these flu vaccines can destroy only some bacteria strains, which means that they cannot fight against other viruses.

#6: Flu Vaccines Make Us More Liable To Pneumonia And Other Contagious Diseases

Injecting strains of a flu virus in a body with an already weakened immunity results in serious adverse effects, because it increases the risk of even more serious symptoms, such as pneumonia, and other contagious diseases.

#7: Flu Vaccines Increase The Risk Of Vascular Disorders

Medical researchers have proven that flu vaccines are linked with a higher risk of vascular inflammation.

Symptoms of the condition include pain in the jaw, upper arms, hips, neck, and shoulders, muscles, as well as fever, headaches, stiffed and aching neck.

#8: Babies Under The Age Of 1 Are At An Increased Risk

Babies under the age of 1 are particularly liable to a neurotoxic breach of the delicate nerve center around their brain and central nervous system, because their bodies don’t have the adequate protection to prevent any premature damage of the brain’s blood barrier.

In spite of this, babies receive their first vaccine at age of only six months.

#9: Higher Risk Of Narcolepsy

A research study conducted in the course of two years resulted in many reports saying that a large number of children in twelve countries got narcolepsy after getting these shots.

The study compared 3.3 million vaccinated children from Sweden with 2.5 million who did not get the flu vaccine.

The findings were that the youngest children who received the shot were at the highest risk. Those under the age of 21 had three times higher risk of developing narcolepsy.

#10: They Weaken Your Immunological Responses

There are thousands of articles published in medical journals which indicate that a flu injection is a host of infections and the culprit for dangerous immunological responses.

Moreover, weakened immunological responses only additionally inhibit the person’s ability to prevent the illness which the flu shot was supposed to protect from.

#11: Flu Shots Cause Severe Neurological Issues

Research studies have found that the toxic ingredients which flu shots contain can lead to serious neurological problems. Vaccines like these have formaldehyde, detergents, mercury, strains of live flu virus, and many other dangerous ingredients.

In 1976, a lot of people who took the flu vaccine developed a disorder called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which results in permanent damage to the nerves and paralysis.

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