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11 Very Good Reasons Why You Should AVOID A FLU VACCINE This Year! DO NOT Endanger Your Health Anymore!

An increasing number of health experts these days warn us about the negative reactions of flu vaccines and advise people to avoid the shots completely.

With each year, doctors, medical experts, the pharmaceutical industry in pair with the mainstream media, give their very best to convince people to get a flu vaccine, but it appears that the whole truth has not been said to us.

These vaccine advocates never even bother to mention the dangerous adverse effects of flu vaccines and the high amounts of dangerous chemicals used to make a vaccine.

We cannot go on seeing people get sick due to flu vaccines, and therefore, in this article we will go through these eleven reasons why you should avoid them:

#1: The Flu Vaccine, Actually, Makes You Sick!

Most often, children who received a flu vaccine get ill immediately after the very vaccination. The reason for that is the entrance of the flu virus in their systems so it sensitizes it against the vaccine.

As a result, the flu vaccine actually leads to a condition called immunosuppression, which is the weakening of the immune system.

#2: Flu Shots Are Made Of Dangerous Ingredients Like Mercury!

They tell us that the flu vaccines have strains of a flu virus, but nobody says anything about the many other ingredients of these so-called cures.

Namely, these dangerous ingredients even include mercury, a heavy metal that causes severe adverse effects, such as heart issues, depression, ADD, memory loss, oral health issues, digestive imbalances, respiratory problems, and other severe health conditions.

#3: The Flu Vaccine May Result In Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientific studies have shown that flu vaccines may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. A research conducted had found that people who regularly get a flu shot had a higher risk of Alzheimer’s by ten times as much.

According to the research, the cause for this is the poisonous mix of mercury and aluminum in the flu vaccine.

Furthermore, when it comes to elder persons, the flu vaccine only weakens their immunity and makes them more liable to more severe diseases.

4#: Those That Force Us To Get A Flu Vaccine Are Making Billions With Each Year!

In 1999, an investigation was started into the Federal vaccine policy of the United States, which attempted to reveal any probable conflicts of interest between FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The collected data stated that a number of individuals working in two key advisory committees were financially tied with pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the flu vaccines.

Many times, these individuals were granted waivers to participate in the very discussions which advised the inclusion of these vaccines in the Childhood Immunization Schedule.

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