10 HEALTHY HERBS You Can Grow Indoors All Year Long! ENRICH Your Home And Cuisine With These Nature’s Wonders!

Herbs often contain medicinal, culinary and relaxation properties, so it is a great thing if you can have them all year long in your home.

As a matter of fact, you now can! In this article we will explain a method how you can grow certain herbs in your kitchen and significantly improve the taste of your daily meals.

The best thing about it is that these plants do not require to be watered on a regular basis, nor their soil to be changed, and still they will remain as tasty as if they were grown in a very garden.

However, you will still need to grow mustard, cilantro and dill seeds in soil and later transfer them to water, since a soil herb can’t be directly transferred to water because its roots differ from the water ones.

So, Let’s Learn How To Grow These Beneficial Herbs In Water In Your Own Home:

Place several plant cuttings in glass bottles with clear water, and if possible, spring water, because it contains a lot of minerals. However, do not use chlorinated water, because the bleach can damage the herb tissues.

Also, it is a good idea to store some rainwater leave or tap water to air overnight.You can use a mason jar, glass bottle, or even a plastic one to plant the herbs.

Still, we recommend you use colored bottles or wrap the bottle with a piece of paper because the plant roots shouldn’t be exposed to direct light.

The darkness will prevent algal growth on the bottle and on the roots of the herbs. You can use containers with narrow mouths which support the cuttings, keeping them upright.

Yet, you should not use any tight-fitting or narrow ones as the opening of the container should not prevent the free transition of air necessary the young roots to breathe.

It’s best to use the soft cuttings roots, and make several 6-inch cuttings from the growing plants. Place these in the containers with water but be sure to take out the lower leaves since they can rot in the water and spoil it.

Once a week change the water if you’re growing herbs such as rosemary cuttings. Once the roots start growing, in the course of two to six weeks, you won’t need to change their water anymore.

To enhance the growth of the roots, you can put willow branches in warm water overnight, and later use these as a stimulating hormone mixture. A rooting hormone powder is another good option.

In addition, we present you a list of 10 herbs which you can grow in water:

1. Rosemary – It takes more time for the root of rosemary to grow out of its cuttings, but during the spring the new shoots grow faster. What you need to make sure is keep the herb in a sunny location.

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